Saturday, November 1, 2014

Let's Have A Talk

Sometimes I forget about this blog. It leads me to abandoning it for long periods of time. Then I remember that it still exists and that people read it. It's been a long time dear readers, but I find myself in a great need to just write about something. Last night was Halloween and I had the most interesting adventure I have had in quite sometime. It was so interesting in fact that no pictures were take by me that night. I only have one photo of me hugging death itself (which I shall post in the end of this blog). This adventure lead me from downtown LA to Hollywood Blvd, subways trains, and finally West Hollywood. So many fabulous people there on Halloween night. If you really want to know about just Google West Hollywood Halloween Parade. I heard its a big thing. 

 I don't have much to say this time. All I wanted to say was that I'm still alive and have a burning passion to write again. I'm still in school and I'm still writing those dreaded research papers and essays. They are enough to make me stop writing again. But I won't this time. I was thinking about rebooting my whole blog again, but then I'd be doing the very thing I dislike (about films). Two note worthy things you should know before I carry on dear reader:
1. I bought myself a cruiser board. It's a Santa Cruz Star Wars cruiser board if you really want to know. Here's a picture of it.

2. I made an Instagram to go along with my blog. I know I have critized Instagram before but I decided to give it a chance and use it for my blog/writing. Follow me @travelinginformant or here's the link Make sure to follow me there since I will most likey post more stuff there than on here. Adventurous things will be posted there and here will have more details. 

Now guys I have one more thing. There's a group of crazy cats called Musty Boyz that are super down to do stuff make sure to give them a visit on Tumblr and be sure to visit them at their Instagram page as well. Just tell them The Traveling Informant sends ya! (I don't even know them met one of them once at a show, so they don't even know I'm telling you guys about them. I'm nice huh?)

Alright guys thats it for today. Here's a picture of what happened yesterday

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hollywood: Then And Now

Films. I love films. I love everything about them. They transport me to a world that anything can happen. Films are sort of books. But there's a there's something that really bugs me. Something that separates the Hollywood from the past to the Hollywood of today.

The film industry for our era is pure garbage. As an avid moviegoer I enjoy my share of handful of films. I love that experience, to go see a film at the theater and just let go. But lately I find myself not escaping into these films like I used to. It's either the over-the-top CGI effects, the  bad acting (and believe me there are only a handful of good actors nowadays), bad plot and character development, or damn reboots! This weekend I saw Guardians of the Galaxy which I thought was amazing! (And on the record I think every film that Marvel Studios has made has been executed great with the exception of Iron Man 3) Superhero films, to me, are a different ball game. They stand apart from the "normal" films and I am not opposed to heavy CGI usage so as long as the plot and acting are great. So I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, a comic series I've been following for a while now and loved it. But the weekend sees the release of another childhood show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Megan Fox one. Yeah, those of us who saw the trailer know its going to be bad, but I ask myself do we really need another TMNT film?

I'm sick and tired of reboots. I'm tired of seeing films based on crappy young adult novels, and I'm sick of seeing re-imaginings of already established films. Did we really need a Spider-Man reboot? (yes I'm talking about The Amazing Spider-Man which I didn't like. It hurts to say it because I love Spider-Man) Did we need that Robocop reboot? (For the record I liked it.) Did we need a Star Wars episodes 7,8,9 and spin off films? NO! These are all unnecessary films! Why destroy already established films or add on films that we already done with?  (I'll talk about Star Wars later.) What was wrong with the original 1987 Robocop with Peter Weller? Nothing! It was a great film and it should have been left as such.  There are films that should never be rebooted or re imagined or whatever the hell Hollywood is trying to say. I feel that films I have loved since I was a kid aren't safe anymore from this Hollywood reboot era. Films like Indiana Jones(all of them including the newest one), Blade Runner, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Back to the Future, The Man With No Name film series, Flash Gordon, Alien, To Kill A Mocking BirdThe Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Star Wars are all in danger of being rebooted. And the sad thing is that Hollywood has no respect for the fans, the film goers, and even themselves. Hollywood has whored themselves out for that green paper we have in our wallets.

When asked about how he felt about the Willy Wonka reboot (or re imagining) Gene Wilder said "Oh I think it's an insult." I agree with Wilder and that statement. It is an insult to us, the audience and to the actors, directors and producers who put hours of work into the film.

Back in the humble beings of Hollywood studios would produce original films because they knew audiences wanted something new and exciting. I'm mostly familiar with Universal horror films and their icons like Bela Lugosi, Borris Karloff, and Lon Chaney Jr. (and his father Lon Chaney Sr.) so I'll stick to that genre. These horror films gave us something new. With Frankenstein we got to see that the monster was really misunderstood. It wasn't just random happenings caught on camera (I'm talking to you I, Frankenstein). Another film that comes to mind is Casablanca. This is a film that I can never imagine being remade. It stands that test of time, and it is still so romantic that any teen can sit down and still feel all the feels that that film sends out.  Nowsdays romantic films feel so...cheesy! Everything that made the original films work, it's quirkiness, it silliness, it's characters, is lost in the reboots. It looses it touch and makes the reboot feel empty and hollow.

Hollywood is never going to listen to my rants. And I don't expect to change the outcome of films that feel unnecessary. I'm sure tons of many reboots are right around the corner. Tons of many YA based films are around the corner. Money is money. But there are some of us, like me, who care about films. Who care about why the film is good, Who care about acting, Who want an original story. Something we have never heard of or experienced! That's all I want really. Give us a break in reboots or add ons. I don't care for Star Wars episodes 7,8,9 (that much that it is. I'm still pretty excited for it though). Give us something original. Maybe, just maybe an aspiring director or actor is reading this and understands what I am trying to say. And please stop using the dark tone based film! Batman Begins started this whole dark tone in films, and I'm tired of seeing it. Why is The Amazing Spider-Man dark toned?! Ugh.

To all of you guys who feel the same way I do about films, spread the word. Show the films you love to everyone. Make your voices heard. You'll find me at the ticket lines for whatever new film comes out Friday.

Click link below to see that Gene Wilder interview I mentioned earlier!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Loot Crate: Awesome Little Box For Geeks!

Folks, if you haven't heard of Loot Crate then you're not a geek and must be living under a rock. Just kidding. Actually Loot Crate is mostly popular within the Geek and Gamer community so it's perfectly fine if you, dear  reader, haven't heard of Loot Crate. Loot Crate is just what it sounds like. It's a crate filled with awesome (and exclusive) geek and gamer loot. Inside can be found shirts, vinyl figures, toys, candy, stickers and a bunch of random things!  And it's really cheap. Hell, sometimes only one item in the crate is worth $20 by its self. When you subscribe to Loot Crate you can easily get it for only $14 a month! That's just so awesome! Don't you think? I think so.

This month (June) I received my first Loot Crate and the theme was Transformers. Transformers 4 is just about to hit theaters next Friday too (here we go again). See, each month Loot Crate has a theme and this months theme was Transformers. Check out the cool loot I got for this month!

Items in Photo:

  • Loot Crate Exclusive Shirt Marty McPrime Shirt (Transformers+ Back to the Future reference= gold!)
  • Transformers Vinyl Figure from The Loyal Subjects (see link below to buy them from them) P.S. I got Gritlock
  • Major League Gaming or MLG wristband (man I used to wear wristbands in highschool...ah memories!) 
  • MLG Team Stickers (yeah its pretty serious. Its like the football for geeks. Seriously. Its not a joke. Google that shit)
  • Transformers Autobot  Vinyl Sticker (already stuck it on my 3DS!)
  • 3  (motherf%#king) Warheads
  • $5 MLG Game Code (don't really need that but thanks Loot Crate!)
  • Transformers BumbleBee Hexbug (this thing is weird! Don't know anything about Hexbugs...they just wiggle around. How odd)

Sadly you can't get a Loot Crate for this month but you can totally sign up for next month! And be sure to use the the code at the website to save $3 on your first subscription! Just go ahead and sign up through that link I put up and you can save even more and help me get a free month with Loot Crate! See, Uncle Daniel is a pretty nice guy!

Loot Crate Link:

For Transformers Vinyl Figures click below:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Geek Life: Star Wars Vans!

Sneakers, if I remember correctly, were a form of self expression and even rebellion. Someone told me that sneakers beings really big in the 80's, espeically Adidas thanks to Run DMC (listen to the track "My Adidas" by Run DMC; I couldn't stop listening to that when I got my pair). Now Geek culture is seeping into mainstream culture. Yes it's a bit alarming to me, since I consider myself a geek (not a nerd; there's a huge difference in that). I fear that the mainstream culture will really abuse of the geek culture. Teens wear Star Wars shirts or Star Trek or superhero shirts and some of them don't know the source material. It is a bit worrying but eh. It's nice seeing stuff like Star somthing on peoples shirts, especially those my age. So I was excited when I saw that Vans was making a Star Wars shoe line! Awesome right? Well now they are out and I picked up a pair with another coming soon (bought them online)

One more thing before the pictures: I usually don't buy Vans or any other type of "hip" shoes. I usually stick to hiking shoes or hell even those "hipster" shoes, but mostly hiking boots/shoes. Why? Because hiking shoes are my kind of style and makes me feel like an adventurer (ah another attempt at being like good old Indiana Jones). Vans simply put hurt my feet if I run or stand for long periods of time. I don't know why but they do. So I usually use them for style and parties. Maybe for going to shows. Trying walking a whole day in Vans at Disneyland and you'll feel pain. That being said I still like Vans for their style. That's why I wear and buy them. These Star Wars Vans are enough for me to stand the pain (haha get it? Stand the pain?) and wear them. These particular pair I got are in the Authentic style of Vans and are the Boba Fett Camos. Gotta have Boba Fett. Wish they made a Han Solo pair and maybe (you listening Vans?) some Indiana Jones Vans! Yes I went there! One can wish! So pick up these nice kicks! And remember May the Force Be With You...Always!
Love the shoe box itself. Features nice art work for the first film.
Top view of box

Dem' fresh kicks out of the box and laced in the weave pattern (I don't really talk like that...honest)

Loved that attention to detail in the laces. Looks like the helmet arrows on Boba Fett and a lightsaber

Does not include Han Solo and Chewbacca figures. Those are mine! :)

If you want to know where I got this pair here's the info:

Star Wars by Vans 
Style: Authentic - Boba Fett Camo
Size: 10.5 

There are different styles so check them out. 
Bought them online at Vans here's the link: 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Geek News: Disney Indiana Jones Vinylmation!

I remember talking (or blogging) about something called Vinylmations. What are Vinylmations? Well since it's been a while since that post, I'll gladly explain. Vinylmations are Disney vinyl figures that are shaped like Mickey Mouse. These Disney vinyls come blind boxed, so you'll never know what character you're goning to get (which can make you spend so much money until you get the one you want). There are various of designs that Disney artists create ranging from Disney films, to Star Wars and now we finally got Indiana Jones vinyls (or vinylmations if you want to be picky about the name). I obiviously had to get my hands on them. I got a hold of  three of them on a recent trip to Disneyland (yes I went again; dressed as Indiana Jones. It's a long story).I got the rest of them online. The first three Indy vinyls I got were Marion Ravenwood, Toht, and the chaser which is the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark  Here are the awesome Indy vinyls (vinylmations). Enjoy the awesomeness!

The heroes: Indiana Jones, Sallah, Marion Ravenwood
The baddies: Rene Belloq, Toht, German Mechanic, Cairo Swordsman

Golden Fertility Idol (the chaser), Indiana Jones in Cairo disguise 

Indiana Jones vinylmation box

 So where can you get these guys? Well you get get them at the Disney Parks or at the Disney  I got mines (with the exception of Marion, Toht and the chaser;got them at Disneyland) online at Amazon and ebay for cheaper! And I got the ones I wanted without having the trouble of getting repeats. Yes I cheated, but I wasn't about to waste my time trying to get blind boxes. I hate not knowing what I'm gonna get! Now don't get me wrong. I won't start collecting Disney Vinylmations. I only got the Indiana Jones ones because I love Indiana Jones. I do hope Disney released Temple of Doom vinyls and Last Crusade vinyls. I'd love a Short Round and Indy's dad Henry Jones Sr. Heck maybe even some Kingdom of the Crystal Skull vinyls would be cool. They have Marvel Vinylmations why not more Indiana Jones ones? Well that's it for geek related stuff. Until next time.


One more vinyl (vinylmation) figure. While I was online hunting down my Indy vinyls I stumbled about this other Indy vinyl which is based on the Disneyland Paris ride, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. I have never been to Paris let alone gone to Disneyland Paris. So I decided to get it. This one is from another series of vinylmations called Park Series. They had Indy stuff. I got it. Geek Life. Goodbye!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Geek News: Disney Threatens the Star Wars Universe!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am alive and well. I haven't been blogging because of school. There's something about school that just sucks the creative juices out of me (maybe it's all those damn essays they make us write). But now I'm free, for a while that is. There are many things that I have done and haven't been able to share them. That will sort of change now. I have a smart phone now, meaning I can now blog even more. Since I'm The Traveling Informant, I feel I haven't informed much about anything. I figured I should start informing about the place I live (L.A.) and the changes there have been to my surroundings. Expect more things like that (of course, that means I need to get out more). I'm thinking of opening a new blog dedicated to just comics, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and retro video games. Basically opening a blog where I write and share how geeky I am. That way, I'd just concentrate on having interesting things here on this blog than mixing geekyness and I don't know...observations? I don't feel like rebooting everything. This is just a thought for now. But definitely more blog posts on interesting things. Now moving on to GEEKY THINGS LIKE STAR WARS AND INDIANA JONES!

I just recently really got into Star Wars. I mean really into it. Enough for me to start reading the novels and purchase the Star Wars Saga on blu ray (I finally own a blu ray player) and check out those Dark Horse comic books. And even for me to start buying Star Wars figures. Don't think I just got into Star Wars. I've liked Star Wars enough for me to see them before and to have some Star Wars merchandise. But now it's like I really like Star Wars. Not as much as Indiana Jones, however. :)

Which brings me to this topic: Why is Disney so gosh darn greedy? Yes we all know Star Wars is now officially Disney's. And in fact I didn't care much. As I stated before I did flip out when I heard Marvel was part of Disney (a few years back) and when I heard that Indiana Jones is now officially owned by Disney I freaked out! Disney owns everything I LOVE! Well now I hear that Dark Horse Comics is no longer going to make Star Wars comics because Disney wants Marvel to make the Star Wars comics. To make matters worse, I hear that Disney has created a committee that focuses on just Star Wars and it's universe. Their job is too pick whats
canon and what's not. According to the website, this committee will search through all the Star Wars expanded universe material (like books, video games, and comics) and choose what they keep and remove. That means the novels and graphic novels that have already been out there for years may be removed. And there is a lots of  Star Wars expanded universe stuff out there. I guess Disney is trying to remove this already established universe to make room for their upcoming Star Wars films. But should they do that?  Hardcore Star Wars are losing their sh*t, posting up Youtube videos in protest against this act by Disney. As of now I'm buying Star Wars novels. Like I said, I'm really getting into the whole Star Wars scene. I'm in the process of reading a series of books written by Timothy Zhan known as The Thrawn Trilogy by many Star Wars fans. But then a thought hit me again. Disney is planning to reboot the Star Wars universe. Disney also owns the Indiana Jones franchise. Would they reboot the Indiana Jones series as well?

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know Indy is my hero. Hell, The Traveling Informant exists because of Indiana Jones. So I really don't want Disney screwing up the Indiana Jones series at all. I don't want them to reboot Indiana Jones either. No other actor can play Indiana Jones but Harrison Ford himself. I really wish Disney would respect that and not recast Indiana Jones or try to reboot the film series. I also hope they don't destroy the already established Young Indiana Jones series (which if you didn't know was a live action television series that dealt with the adventures of Young Indiana Jones) and the novels that already exist. I would be okay if Disney decides to kick out the video games and the comic books of Indiana Jones. That I would be okay with. But Disney better not f**k with the films, the television series or the novels. And Disney better not recast a new Indiana Jones because Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones, end of story. Punks. I wouldn't mind seeing a CGI Indiana Jones film just as long as Indiana Jones looks like Harrison Ford. Respect Harrison Ford. The man is a beast!

Back to Star Wars, I understand Disney destroying half of the expanded universe to make films but I still don't think they should do that. Instead what they can do is base the new films on some of the novels and let the novels exist. It's pleasing both to the fans and me. Disney can do better. Don't kill off some of the characters many have already come to love. If Disney decides to destroy the whole comic stuff and maybe that cartoon television series then that would be cool with me. Maybe they can make it better? But the comic book stuff can be rid of. At least I think so. So that was my geek moment for you guys. What do you guys think, should Disney destroy the already established universe for Star Wars (and lets not forget my baby daddy Indiana Jones) or should they leave the Expanded Universe as it is and base their new films on the books? Leave your comments below! Geek out with me!

Check out the link for io9 and the Star Wars news:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why I Hate Urban Outfitters With A Passion

(Picture is not taken by me. I got this off the interwebs!)

I really really hate Urban Outfiiters. They are more like Urban Counterfitters. This doesn't really have to do with hipsters as much as one thinks it does (even though I hate hipsters so much...but I also find hipster chicks attractive).  Why do I hate Urban Outfitters so much? Well for one it's corporate and since I'm young and stupid I have to hate something corporate.

Not but seriously I have valid reasons to dislike Urban Outfitters.Please note that I do not hate all corporate stores. That was a joke. I sometimes shop at Sears, JC Penny, and random independent stores I find. Occasionally I shop at Hot Topic but that rarely happens. I can't stay in that store for more than 5 minutes. Hot Topic does have awesome shirts. And mostly all the shirts I wear are all super hero shirts, and some local business shirts.  But let's get on to my reasons as to why I refuse to buy from Urban Outfitters and why everyone in the world should too.

1. Urban Outfitters steals designs from Independent artists. The internet is full of proof to this statement. There's an article online (I shall list the link on the bottom) that clearly exposes Urban Outfitters stealing ideas from a jewelry designer. Sad thing is. they don't stop there. See I was informed about an event called Arts & Crafts that is held (it's my understanding that it is) in Chicago. What this event offers is individuality. What do I mean? Well it's simple. Artists of all types are in this event. People who make pursues made out of books, people who make their own t-shirt designs (usually just one design, one t-shirt), and other neat little knick knacks all congregate in this event to express individuality and the freedom to make what ever the hell they want. It's a DIY attitude (DO IT YOURSELF).
However corporate tycoons with no creavity and respect from the DIY and Indie culture come to these events with the mentally to exploit and steal the designs these great people make. Thus they copy and mass produce things that don't even belong to them.  Which brings me to point number two.

2. Urban Outfitters exploits the real Indie culture. When most people think about Indie culture and Indie music the first thing they think about are hipsters. These annoying people are everywhere! Hipsters claim to be indie (indie means independent if you didn't know), when in reality they are not. Ironically, hipsters where created by the mainstream culture, when the mainstream culture decided to exploit Indie. See in my humble opinion hipsters and indie people are completely different. Indie people are the people you see doing they things they enjoy simply because they enjoy doing it. No body pushes these guys to do something. They simply do it and then they share it with the world. Examples include music bands, artists, zine writers, bloggers, some fashion designers, and some writers. They take from the Indie community but they also contribute to the community. Hipsters are the complete opposite. Hipsters are selfish, snobby people who do nothing and yet try to identify with Indie culture. Hipsters do not contribute to anything, all they do is consume and try really hard to be different from everyone else. That makes them like everyone else. They think they are better than everyone. They usually do things because their friends are doing it, not because they want to do it. And they shop at Urban Outfitters thinking it's vintage. LOL.
 Urban Outfitters just usually shows young hipster people in their advertisements wearing garments that are clearly stolen ideas from real Indie artists. That gives the wrong impression to the world. Hipsters are not Indie. Then there's the music you find there. You add music from the Indie culture and bam! Consumers quickly identify indie music with hipsters and the line between hipster and indie is lost to the world. It's really sad.

3. Young and inexperienced get their hands on great stuff.  This next point is mostly my own opinion and it's a really stupid and silly opinion but an opinion nonetheless. This has to do with vinyl records and record players. The other day I was in that store because a friend of mine took me to the mall. You can't really complain if the person who takes you somewhere you don't like since they are your ride, or else you can take the bus home! But I was in there and I decided to check out their vinyls. I don't really know why but I got super pissed when I saw vinyl records from The Velvet Underground and Joy Division (two out of four of my favorite bands/ artists, the other two are Cold Showers and David Bowie. Lou Reed is squeezed in there too). The thought that some teenage hipster bought these vinyls simply to pretend they know about music and are so different from everyone else really got me mad. I'm not saying that all teenagers or teenage hipsters, or hipsters do this. But I feel that most of the consumers (most of the buyers are teens) simply don't know the value of these bands. To those who do, tip of the hat to you. But to me, bands like The Velvet Underground and Joy Division all have a special place in my heart because I remember listening to them when I was 10 years old and thought I was in love. I don't know. Like I said, it's a silly reason. I hope that you sort of understand where I'm coming from.

Shopping at Urban Outfitters does not make you a bad person. I am not saying that. Nor am I saying that it makes you a hipster if you do. I think it's funny when hipsters buy from there. People and friends I know who shop at Urban Outfitters simply don't know that Urban Outfitters does the things I mention above. And some simply don't care because the clothes and merchandise they buy there makes them look good.  Like I said I find some of their stuff really cool (well the record player does). The only way you'd see me wearing a shirt or using any clothing or merchandise from Urban Outfitters is if a friend bought it for me or if it's the end of the world and there's zombies everywhere and my clothes are ripped up. Usually if a shirt that I'm wearing looks like you can find it at Urban Outfitters, I can guarantee you it's not. I would have bought it from an original Indie artists, and not those Urban Counterfeit douche bags. Sorry about this long rant guys. I had to get this out of my chest somehow. I simply wish to inform those who don't know about Urban Outfitters and giving my own opinion as to why I don't shop there.  This is just my opinion and my choice. I don't wish to offend any people who like to shop at Urban Outfitters. Except hipsters. You guys kill my vibe. But other than that. I hope you guys enjoyed this rant. And sorry if I got you mad. Not my intention.

Here are the links you crazy cats:

The link to the blog

The link to the Art's and Craft event in Chicago

There's a whole book about the culture of Indie. If you are interested you can check it out. The book is called Slanted and Enchanted: The Evolution of Indie Culture by Kaya Oakes. Really great read you guys. Try to find it at your local independent bookstore and if you can't try Amazon. (See I don't hate all corporate. Eventhough Amazon does have bad things to them. But that's another story for another time.)