Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland

Indiana Jones. My hero and role model. It was because of Disneyland's ride, the Indiana Jones Adventure, that he became my role model. It was my first and most vivid memory of the park. I was only 6 years old when I was introduced to Indiana Jones. I was fascinated by the ride. Then my father took me to the library and we rented the original films. And I had finally found my hero. A man who looked for treasure, fought bad guys, got the girls, with only a fedora, a messenger bag, and a whip.  I wanted to be like him. And till this day, I still would like to be like him. This is the reason why I wore a messenger bag in high school, most recently I got a bag that looks like Indy's bag.  Of course if I really got into telling why Indiana Jones is my hero, I'd need to write a book. And you guys don't want that....or do you?

Indiana Jones pin.
Indiana Jones Store
Disneyland has all sorts of Indiana Jones merchandise. But like everything else in Disneyland, it's overpriced. Of course this won't stop a hardcore fan from buying the merchandise. I usually buy a lot of stuff in that store, but this time I withheld myself and bought two things only. One of them was a pin (part of the Disney Pin Trading), and an Indiana Jones Shirt(which I didn't take a picture of). This is just the store I'm talking of. There's the main attraction of all of Adventureland.

A neat little display at the Indiana Jones store in Disneyland
To set the mood, one must pretend that one is actually in the jungles of India. Remember imagination is the key to Disneyland. We are about to venture to a lost temple found by a man named Indiana Jones. The Temple of the Forbidden Eye! Where an evil deity promises three gifts; visions of the future, earthly riches, and youth. The only way to get them is not to look into the eyes of a giant idol of the deity! I wish I was there again, and I was there about a week ago. And to show you guys how crazy about this ride I am, I rode it five times! Yes five times. Why five? Well it's simple really. I don't know when I'll visit Disneyland again nor how long. So I rode it five times. (Then again I rode another rides twice. Only this attraction did I ride more than twice.) I'll end any more unnecessary reading and just share with you guys, the photos I took of the attraction. I did not take any photos during the actual ride. Why? Because I was having too much fun. Enjoy guys!
The Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Inside this cage is a generator which powers the light from inside the temple

Some random cargo they have outside, waiting to be taken by any boat of the Jungle Cruise.

Random Statue of Mayra, the deity of the Temple

As soon as you walk inside the temple, you see a picture of Mayra, with the three treasure he offers

Dr.Jones' office. If you get a chance look inside. You'll find all sorts of neat stuff like Indy's hat, whip and bag along with Sallah's hat and a map of the whole temple.

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The ride itself is amazing. But if I did try to take photos during the ride, they would come out really blurry. The ride is very bumpy and shaky, making it difficult to take a nice, clear picture. But that doesn't mean there isn't any photos. Google is filled with great photos of the ride itself.  I hope you guys enjoyed this little post.  There are much too many things to write about, but I try to keep it brief. So, if you visit the park make sure to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye! It's so much fun!!