Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Lost Beauty of a Mix CD

Dear reader, have you ever made a mix CD for anyone? You know, a CD you make with a bunch of songs that are special to you. And you give this CD to someone you love, someone who is special to you, or to a friend, or even to someone you meet an hour ago. Making these mix CD's take time and effort, regardless of who you give it to.

Well, recently I have begun making mix CD's for friends. I don't really know why I'm doing it. I just do it because to me music bring us humans together. It's the call of universal brotherhood in all of us . And to me music (and of course books) are a great gift.

When I make a mix CD for a person (especially if it's for someone very special) I take time to carefully select the songs I would like to include in the CD. I have the habit of observing my friends, and pretty much everyone I meet (blame it on reading to much Sherlock Holmes). And because I have learned to develop these habits, I can base my playlist on a persons personality making a killer playlist.  Of course the relationship with me and the person whom I'm giving the CD has a huge impact on the list of songs I include in the mix CD.

Once the playlist it done, it's best to listen to the playlist multiple times. Something I like my playlist to do is have a "flow". What I mean, is that I usually make a theme and base my playlist on that theme. Say the theme is happiness. I would include my all time favorite song "Heroes" by David Bowie. Why? That songs brings lots of happy and sad moments all at the same time. I would also include songs that induce happiness and some songs that have some sweet sadness to them. I believe that picking a theme for a mix CD makes making the playlist a lot easier. But I have seen people go crazy and make random playlist, that also works.
This mix CD is made for me, therefore I have chosen songs that
special to me. The theme is Happiness and Love.

Then there's decoration. Decorating the CD is also very important in my opinion. Depending on the theme you choose (if you have chosen any), then there's a specific guideline you must stick to. You can use different pictures from the internet, magazine cut outs, or even draw your own image. I recommend buying the writable CD's if you would like to draw on the actual CD. Now if you have made your own disc cover then you have lots of choices. I suck at drawing so I usually just search on the internet and find pictures that I think will work for my theme.

Mix CD's are still a great gift. They are special because they are made with care. If you have ever received a mix CD, haven't you ever wondered why that person gave you that playlist? What made them pick the songs they gave to you? If you're a guy, mix CD's are the perfect gift to give to that special someone, or it could be the other way around.  So remember folks, mix CD's are not a thing of the past. They are part of us, and they are special. As long as there is love, happiness and friendship I believe mix CD's will always exist. Until next time, adios!

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My favorite song of all time! (Yes I have a top 5 favorite song list, but David Bowie's Heroes ranks number one on my list.)