Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Lone Ranger Rides Again: Merchandise Pick Ups

If you guys read the last post of dealing with the new Disney Lone Ranger film,then is a a little continuation of that (well kinda). I'll this one short. I'm not reviewing anything on here. It's more like a Lone Ranger haul. Like a stated before I absolutely loved The Lone Ranger and easily become a fan. So I decided to pick up a few Lone Ranger merchandise. And so I have! Check out my merchandise I bought!

 First off are my purchases from the Disney Store (by the way folks I heading to Disneyland this coming Saturday, more info on that in the next post). I had to pick this mug. I don't know why but I just thought it was a cool mug. And I don't have many mugs (course I don't drink hot drinks often). The most I have are at least 5 mugs. I also wanted to pick up a Tonto mug they had but I ended up just getting one. I might pick up that Tonto mug eventually (maybe at Disneyland?).  They (meaning the Disney Store I went to) also had Lone Ranger notebooks, giant man Barbie's, some costumes for kids, and these really awesome Lone Ranger pens. I of course purchased the Lone Ranger pens.

Because I have nothing better than to waste my precious money. (And I'm a college student and wasting money is like committing suicide. Money is precious because we college students pay lots of money just to read books.)

The pen set came with two pens, hence pen set. Each one is made of metal and plastic, but mostly metal. I like two write. Alot. And I am definitely using my Ranger pen a lot. I'm the cool kid in school!

Naturally, the reason why there are two pens is because The Lone Ranger has to have is com padre Tonto. So we get a Tonto pen and a Lone Ranger pen. I personally like my Lone Ranger pen. Mostly because I like the Lone Ranger better than Tonto. But Tonto is cool. If you don't want either one of the pens you can give one to your own com padre or com madre (Spanish for your homies! The more you know).  I'll show the pens in a little more detail at the end of the post, along with more mug shots (pun not intended).
Next up we have my favorite of out all the merch I bought. These two figures I did not purchase at the Disney Store (the Disney Store only sell man doll versions of these two. These are action figures. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!). I don't remember the store where I purchased these two. Nor does it matter much. Thing is, these guys are awesome! I know I said before that I don't want to collect toys but man these guys are cool. These figures were released by NECA (a toy company) and man do they have so much detail! And the face sculpt is great. The Lone Ranger looks like Armie Hammer and Tonto looks like Captain Jack Sparrow, er I mean looks like Johnny Depp. Really cool figures. I like to display them right next to my Disneyland exclusive Indiana Jones (which sits on my dvd/blu ray cabinet) in my living room. Everyone who walks in does look at them and my friends think they look cool. (Yet I feel geeky. Oh well. C'est la vie).

Anyways guys, like I said I am new Lone Ranger fan. I do look forward to seeing more Lone Ranger merchandise, Maybe NECA would release an original Clayton Moore Lone Ranger or a Jay Silverheels Tonto. That would be nice. Fingers are crossed.  But other than that, that's all folks. I will be going to Disneyland so, maybe they'll have some more Lone Ranger there (maybe in Frontierland?). More info on that in the next post. Look forward to a huge Disneyland haul (or maybe a little one. I"M A COLLEGE STUDENT!)

Check out more photos below:

The Lone Ranger Pen

Tonto Pen

Lone Ranger Figure 
Tonto Figure
Lone Ranger Mug 
Lone Ranger with revolvers drawn