Monday, April 13, 2015

A Geek's Quest For Star Wars Expanded Universe Part 1

It wasn't too long since I talked about the future of the Star Wars expanded universe (or EU). It's been a while since we all knew that Star Wars was taken over by that big rat, oops sorry I am being told it's a mouse (sike), Disney. And when Disney finally bought the Star Wars franchise along with the Indiana Jones franchise things haven't gone so well with Star Wars fans. Yes we are getting some new Star Wars films for the next few years but at a great cost. All of the Star Wars EU has been thrown away causing a huge problem for hardcore EU fans. From Disney's point of view, the EU does limit their creativity since the EU expands hundreds of years after Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi. So now Disney took all those books, 161 Star Wars EU books and said they are no longer canon. Disney is now producing their own Star Wars EU books and quite frankly it is not too impressive. See all the old EU is being reprinted but under a banner called Legends, which in other
words mean "Hey this stuff you are reading is a waste of time and is not canon. Read our offical Disney Star Wars canon." Well thats how I see it. And this is where I start my journey: a journey to get all of the Star Wars Expanded Universe books without the "Legends" banner and that horrible Disney logo next to the Lucasfilm logo.

I hate that Disney has taking over and completely trashed the Star Wars EU. To me it is an insult as a fan and as a reader to say assault these wonderful books are nothing but trash because they aren't part of the story anymore. The Star Wars EU books had a rich history covering from The Old Republic to after Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi in an era known as The New Jedi Order. We, the real Star Wars fans, grew to love characters like Mara Jade (Luke Skywalkers wife), the Solo twins, Darth Malgus, Grand Admiral Thrawn and many other Star Wars EU characters. These wonderful stories filled me with so much backstory that the films weren't just films to be but a true work of art. But those rats at Disney didn't care about the fans just as long as they make money out of it. Now there are some people who hate on the EU saying it was bad, that it contradicted itself or if you have friends like mine who claim to be Star Wars fans you'll hear "Well atleast new Star Wars films are coming out!" The Star Wars EU books were better than the films, rich with good story telling. I am
Star Wars vs Disney Assaulted Star Wars
excited for the new Star Wars film, believe me I am. And yes I will be there opening day when Star Wars Episode 7 premiers but I will always believe that the EU was first. To me, the Star Wars EU is the real Star Wars. This is why I refuse to buy the EU books with that "Legends" banner and especially not that Disney logo in the back. Thats another thing that is insulting to be as a fan. The fact that Disney declares the EU non-canon and therefore crap, they then go ahead and add their stupid "Disney" logo to the back of the old EU books. Sure Disney owns Star Wars, but they shouldn't add their logo the the "non-canon" Star Wars EU books. Its a big insult. I am a fan of Star Wars not Disney Star Wars (despite the fact that I am reading Disney's new Star Wars EU books).

This is why I have given myself the mission to grab all of the Star Wars EU books that don't have that "Legends" banner and especially the Disney logo in the back like in the photo above. I will try to find this old school Star Wars books everywhere I can and hopefully completing the entire collection of the Star Wars EU. I will only get Star Wars books with the "Legends" banner if I can't find the book without the banner. I certainly would hate to grab the Star Wars EU books with the "Legends" banner and the Disney logo. DAMN YOU DISNEY! So for the next few months up until the release of the new Star Wars film I will make it my mission to grab all the Star Wars EU books. Now I know there is lots of Star Wars EU material out there like comic books, short stories, videos games and even role playing games, but I am only sticking to the Star Wars EU books because it's easier for me to follow and hunt down than the other stuff.
The mixing of "Legends" and Star Wars

Why do I hate Disney so much? Because they own everything I love. Things like Marvel, Star Wars, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, and especially Indiana Jones all belong to Disney now. I hate Disney as a company but I love going to Disneyland. It's a weird hate/love thing I have with Disney. I think they are evil but hey Disneyland is fun. Greedy but fun. I just don't like Disney messing with the things I love. I certainly would hate Disney if they even thought of rebooting Indiana Jones and the Indiana Jones EU books (all of which I own). Star Wars vs Disney Star Wars are two very big things. This is my Geek quest. I have to do this. It's important. If any of you guys want to help me out do so! To my fellow Star Wars fans I say on to thee Fight On! Many died to bring you these EU stories (not really). For now my wallet will suffer and the journey will be long and tough. I am determined.